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Birthday party

From the left: coconut macaroons, pecan blondies (you can see some on the edge, also there’s a peak of rainbow cookies next to the papaya), balsamic portabello mushroom and onion sandwiches, tomato basil mozzarella  sandwiches with a little caramelized onion, and papaya dressed with honey and lemon.

Cupcakes from , black and white (taste like a really upscale devil dog or ho-ho), caramel with caramel frosting and filling, and s’mores with the browned marshmallow top and chocolate filling.

Seafood salad, and pita chips. The hummus, carrots, and olives were out of frame.

Seafood salad

  • 1 lb squid bodies/rings (or scallops)
  • 1 lb shrimp (the smaller kind)
  • 1 large english cucumber
  • 2 lbs tomatoes
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 jalapeño pepper
  • 1 bunch of basil
  • 4 or 5 lemons juiced
  • zest of 1 lemon
  • 5 cloves of garlic
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper

Cut up shrimp and squid to bite size. Remove the seeds of the cucumber and cut into a large dice, roughly the same size as the seafood.  Dice the tomatoes and slice the onion thinly. Half then seed the jalapeño, thinly slice or dice finely. Tear up the basil and put everything in a large bowl (except the seafood). Peel and mince the garlic. Heat a large pan/pot with enough olive oil to coat pan, add half the garlic in then all the seafood (throw in a dash of salt). Cook till shrimp changes color and the squid is just done (there will probably be a lot liquid left in the pan which I keep). Pour the seafood (and liquid) into the bowl with everything else. Add in the rest of the garlic, the lemon zest and juice, toss together, then salt and pepper to taste. Cover and refrigerate for a few hours (I made it the night before). Mix it a bit before serving.

Thanks to everyone for coming and making it really fun.

❤ Lina


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Broiled Sardines with Lemon and Herbs


It’s our 1 year anniversary today! It kind of snuck up on us so we didn’t plan anything. But the sardines are really really good.
Broiled Sardines with Lemon and Herbs
  • 8 sardines
  • 1 lemon
  • 2 tsp (or more) coarse sea salt
  • 1 heaping tsp coarse ground pepper
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • sprigs of fresh thyme, oregano, or rosemary
  • chopped parsley to garnish
Preheat oven to 450. Or if your broiler is separate, preheat that.
Cut Lemon in half and then into eights, altogether 16 slices. I prefer organic lemons in this situation because you will want to eat all of the lemon (with peels).
Prep sardines, I like to cut off the heads then gut them and rinse them under running water to scale them.
Pour oil, salt, and pepper into broiler safe dish, I used a cast iron pan.
Rub each fish inside and out with the oil/salt/pepper.
Stuff a small sprig of herb in each fish along with 2 slices of lemon. Depending on the size of the fish it might not really fit but it’s ok if it’s all hanging out. If using rosemary, use sparingly, it can be overpowering here.
Turn on broiler and put the fish under it for 15-20mins, maybe longer depending on size of fish. It’s done when the fish skin is golden/crisp and the lemons are slightly caramelized.
Sprinkle on some parsley at the end.
The lemon juice and olive oil with the fish creates a bit of sauce and it’s great with some rice, couscous, orzo, or pasta.

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Year of the Rat

chinese new year
(dried candied vegetables, red carnations, happy golden rat, CCTV New Year Special… so weird)
The lunar new year means lots of red everywhere, and of course the food. My mom hit a new record, with 10 dishes.
Whole steamed carp (I think) with soy sauce, cilantro and scallions. To save time my mom steamed the whole plate in a bag in the microwave.
Stir-fried squid with pickled vegetables. I love the salty sharp tart flavor.
Lotus root boiled in stock. They tend to be either crunchy or starchy (potato like), these were the starchy kind that my dad overwhelmingly prefers.
sea cucumber
Sea cucumber in oyster sauce. This year my mom went with dried sea cucumbers and soaked it for two weeks! I don’t know if was really necessary. Usually frozen ones have a strange alkaline taste that sometimes renders it inedible, but these were perfect. Sea cucumbers don’t really have a taste on their own, they just cook up soft and gelatinous (something Asians love).mbnoodlesffish
Mung bean noodles and fried fish (ignore the blurry pic). The long noodles bring longevity and the fish somehow represents things going smoothly (swimmingly?) for the New Year. You eat one fish before the New Year and one right after. The fried fish were rubbed with salt the day before cooking and are really tasty but wrought with dangers of countless tiny bones (for those untrained).
mixed seafood
Shrimp and squid stir-fried with sugar snap peas.
mushrooms fishcake
Shitake mushrooms with fish cake. Usually Chinese fish cakes are just made from one type of pureed fish. You can but the fish paste raw, and here it’s mixed with some chopped shrimp and water chestnuts.
pigs feet chicken
Only things left are the things I don’t eat, pig’s feet with moss (never liked the smelled of the moss) and steamed chicken (sorry again for the blurry pic). These are sort of obligatory, with the moss (faat choi) sounding like and symbolizing wealth/prosperity. And the chicken is there for every occasion. 
lina-sm.gif L

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