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March 22, 2010 at 7:32 am 1 comment

I know Chinese New Year passed AGES ago, but it struck me recently that not many of us actually know WHY we eat what we eat on CNY.

Are we aware of the significance behind each dish and ingredient?

Do we know the recipes and methods involved with our favourite CNY treats?

If we, the current generation, don’t bother to take an active interest in something as simple as a family recipe (which is really a heritage and cultural heirloom) who is to say that our kids or grandkids will be able to partake of it and enjoy it like we did?

An example in point is my grandma’s braised duck. Everyone loved it and now we are reduced to missing it because no one bothered learning it from her while she was still around. My aunts always agree that some essential, key even, part is missing when attempting to recreate grandma’s braised duck.

Are we all going to eat out on CNY dinner come 2020?

– Sam Png


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  • 1. eatyet  |  March 22, 2010 at 7:49 am

    in China ages ago, we did not have the variety of foods available here in the US. while in the US we never again had goose or really good sugar cane.

    it’s funny to think that I’d probably won’t continue most of my family recipes (at least not without major revisions of omitting meat). from generation to generation, food will always change with the times and individuals. we can never really recreate something fully, cooking is not an exact science and from one person to the next; it’ll never be exactly as we remembered. we can carry on the spirit of food, family, and time shared, but the exact taste and measurements are more ethereal. but we can still treasure what we have now and create something new every time we gather as family. -Lina


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