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August 10, 2008 at 4:59 am 2 comments

On the corner of Shepherd and 59 lies Amy’s Ice Creams ( You’ll see the cow sitting atop the shop with neon red lights. This lovely ice cream shop has been there for years and I can say I’ve only been a handful of times because, until recently, I lived too far. Based in Austin, the location off of Shepherd is the only location in Houston. Thanks to Miss Emmarose’s mention of it in a comment, I craved it and managed to convince a friend to come with and buy me some this Saturday night. Thanks Joseph ^__^ I am now a happy camper.

There’s a variety of flavors to choose from and the menu will often change as all ice creams are home made. Now, while you can pick and choose your ice cream flavors and toppings, they have some ice cream concoctions that are already pre-set. One such example would be the Cookie Monster. Your choice of ice cream with 3 different types of cookies mixed in.

Amy’s carries non-fat non-sugar yogurts, smoothies, fruit ices, etc. I have yet to venture from the ice cream, but I’ve been told the fruit ices are pretty delicious. Well, I’m sure the guy making the Cookie Monster was wondering why in the world I was taking photos of him smushing cookies into ice cream, and if he ever reads this he’ll stop and say, “Ahhh…that’s why…”. Tonight, I decided on sweet cream ice cream, with bananas and topped with hot fudge. Why not get a banana split you say? Because Amy’s says I don’t have to be like everyone else and get a banana split. I can get it mushed. And Marie had the rose ice cream. It actually tasted quite rosy.

Amy’s is fun and the decor is bright and even has a brick wall where people have left there mark at Amy’s with their permanent markers. It makes me wonder why so many people walk around with markers in their possession. Go. Get some ice cream. Go to Amy’s. They’re open late on weekends. =D



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  • 1. emmarose  |  August 10, 2008 at 8:26 pm

    Hubby and I went to Amy’s Friday after seeing Cymbeline at Miller Outdoor Theatre! (Highly recommend it, by the way — part of the annual [and free!] Shakespeare festival. Cymbeline is too, too funny.) I couldn’t resist the Chocolate Bourbon Walnut. The first time I tried their always-on-the-menu Mexican Vanilla, I fell in love. I really like how half the ice cream menu is always available, and half is up to the chef’s whims. Fun!

    Hey, this is getting long, but we went late (11:00-ish?) and the party who came in after we were settled was snapping photos of their ice cream prep. Maybe that was you! 🙂 Though I doubt you saw me, I would have been the quite-pregnant one. Thanks for the cute post!

  • 2. eatyet  |  August 14, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    i wasn’t there friday night, but saturday night, after the texans game. =) i went again tuesday night. haha..i’m such a sucker for ice cream ^__^

    p.s. i went to paciugo’s. i didn’t realize it was so close to me. my cousin took me the other night. fantastic. my new favorite gelato spot!


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